Jennifer "Ferby" Cremer

The Human:

I am a PhD student in Computer Science - Graphics and Visualization at the University of Florida. I work in SurfLab under the supervision of Dr.Jorg Peters. My current work focuses on human perception of complex 3D data sets (specifically medical imagery) in virtual reality, to both enhance spatial reasoning about the given structures and provide fast yet accurate representations without specialized software training.

This multi-disciplinary project enables me with the oportunity to work with Dr.Eric Ragan and stay involved in the HCC-focused visualization community while maintaining my Computer Graphics focus.

I also have the lovely pleasure of being a part of the Academy Software Foundation's (ASWF) D&I Working Group, particularly the Summer Learning Program.

I spent the first few years of graduate school experimenting with teaching. I could often be found either teaching undergraduate electives -- Design Patterns for Object-oriented Programming, Performant Programming in Python -- or under the direction of Dr. Jeremiah Blanchard as the Lead TA for Operating Systems.

Since being awarded the Research in Robotic Technology Grant - Research Foundation of the ASCRS in the Summer of 2021, I've been able to step back from teaching during Spring and Summer semesters (Summer of 2022 being the exception, finally launching the Kyoto abroad program after two years of COVID postponements) allowing me to focus on my thesis project and get back into some of my rejuvenating hobbies like wildlife photography, painting, and go for adventures. Check out the Hobbies page to see more. I often reflect on the interfaces I encounter in my artistic activities when designing feature sets or communicating ideas to my advisors.

I graduated in Spring 2018 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Sciences with a focus on applied physics through electives such as Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Research Resume:

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